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Ensuring Energy Efficiency - The Key to Cost Savings

Top-Rated Attic Energy Efficiency services in South Florida

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Our technicians are fully certified in insulation installation, cleaning and proofing.

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Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency  

For many homeowners saving on monthly energy bills has become even more important due to the ever more challenging economic environment. As more and more businesses face closure, or the prospect of reducing their service offerings, the significant down effect is felt across the country. Ensuring the energy efficiency of a home can contribute to significant household savings.


The question that homeowners face is just how to ensure that their homes prioritize energy efficiency. For many, the first step is to ensure that the home is properly insulated. Proper insulation controls the energy flow both into and out of the home. Professionally installed insulation ensures that during the warmer months the interior of the home is kept cool and when the cold days of winter set in the interior of the home is kept warm. Keeping the home at a comfortable temperature reduces power consumption in warming and cooling the home - and monthly costs are therefore reduced.


The key to proper insulation is to first choose the right type of insulation - and where it is placed in the home.


When it comes to wall insulation there are several types of insulation materials that are available. These have the advantage of filling every nook and cranny inside the walls of the home and it is tremendously effective at reducing the need for AC use. The attic should not be ignored. A large amount of the heat generated in the home can be lost through the roof (hot air rises) and the large roof area absorbs an enormous amount of solar heat.


One of the most popular insulation types for attic use is blanket insulation. This is available in fiberglass variants, as well as mineral wool, natural fibers, and plastic fibers.


Although the installation of this type of attic insulation can be undertaken as a DIY job, however, that can be time-consuming and in some cases dangerous for those who are not used to working in the enclosed space of an attic. Getting a professional company to do the work is highly recommended. They will have the experience to ensure that the insulation performs as it should - and the installation will not disrupt the normal day-to-day activities of the household.

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Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency

South Florida, Broward County-based,  AttiClean is a one-stop
shop for improve home energy efficiency.
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AttiClean of South Florida offers a variety of professional attic and crawl space services. They are experts when it comes to attic cleaning services, insulation removal, rodent prevention, insulation installation and replacement, and attic sanitation. 

AttiClean provides services across South Florida and only uses highly experienced and trained technicians. They are focused on helping their clients achieve healthy and safe living environments. Customer satisfaction is their number one goal. 


Energy Efficiency

The correct insulation will promote temperature control inside your home. It stops heat from escaping through floors, ceilings, and walls, keeping warmth inside during the cold months. It also stops heat from the outside from getting inside your home during the summer months, while keeping cooled air in.


Attic Insulation

The team of expert technicians at AttiClean use energy-efficient, affordable, and advanced solutions for installing or removing attic insulation.


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Attic Cleanup

Attic cleanup services involve collecting debris and dust inside your attic and safely disposing of it. Dust and debris removal is one of the best ways to improve the air quality inside your home.



Rodent Proofing

AttiClean provides efficient solutions to stop animals like mice, rats, and any other small creature from entering your home through cracks and small gaps around your home.



Attic Sanitation & Decontamination

Crawl spaces and attics are known for collecting dust, debris, germs, and dangerous bacteria. The professional technicians are experienced and skilled in eliminating diseases and infestations with sanitation and decontamination methods to ensure your household is secure and safe.

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Air Sealing Service

Holes in ceilings or windows and doors that are in poor condition or no longer close properly can result in air leaks. This often results in the loss of cooled or heated air that decreases energy efficiency in homes. AtticClean provides professional air-sealing services to prevent any air leaks in your home.

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