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Air Duct Repair

Repairing your air ducts enhances indoor air quality,

Florida is renowned for its humid summers, often reaching high temperatures that feel even more intense due to humidity. Residents seek refuge in their homes, relying on air conditioning to beat the scorching heat. However, achieving comfortable temperatures may be a challenge for some, prompting the need for air duct repairs.


One prevalent indicator, as mentioned earlier, is the prolonged cooling time for your home. Damaged or absent air ducts force your AC to run for extended periods, leading to increased utility costs. A higher energy bill is also a signal that you may require air duct repairs.

Another indication to investigate is the airflow from the vent. When your HVAC unit operates, you should feel the air. If not, there may be an obstruction or damage to the ductwork. Furthermore, repairing your air ducts enhances indoor air quality, meeting standards set by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA). This is a crucial aspect of your air ducts and shouldn't be ignored.

HVAC systems are complex with numerous components, leaving room for issues to emerge. Air ducts are a common trouble spot. Fresh Air Duct Cleaning excels in top-notch duct repair services once the problem is identified


Air Duct Leakage

An air duct leak results from holes, punctures, cracks, tears, or other damage. Leaks can stem from improper initial installation by contractors or damage caused by rodents. In any case, the leakage leads to energy loss and an increase in your utility bill.

Incorrect Sizing

During home construction, it is crucial for contractors to conduct a Manual D calculation, determining the layout and size of your ductwork. Skipping this step or miscalculating it can lead to improperly sized ductwork. Whether the ducts are too large or too small, it puts additional stress on your HVAC system. This stress can lead to air duct leaks, resulting in increased costs for you.


Inadequate Insulation

Proper insulation is vital for ducts to efficiently transport air within a building and sustain the desired temperature. Insufficient insulation leads to significant leakage issues, causing the delivered air to be at a different temperature than anticipated.


Everything has a lifespan, and air ducts are no exception. Older materials tend to dry out and develop cracks. The age of your ductwork increases the likelihood of leaks, tears, and other forms of damage.


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